Craig Thomson, I would have bet on that

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Joe O'Rourke
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Craig Thomson, I would have bet on that

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:16 pm

I’m not really a betting man, but I would have bet my house that the referee for the upcoming semi-final would have been Craig Thomson. This guy is a serial offender when it comes to dodgy decisions against Celtic.

There is always an air of despondency when we discover Thomson is refereeing one of our matches, we normally fail to finish the match with eleven players, and that is normally as the result of a penalty kick against us, a double whammy.

Given the fact that Sevco have probably received more penalties this season than any other football team in the world, it looks like we will probably be the latest victim. I think the only reason they never got one against us last season was because they never actually got anywhere near our penalty box.

The media frenzy since Sevco achieved the feat of reaching the Premier league for the first time has been astonishing; even by the media’s standards. Getting quotes from all over Europe was probably a first; can’t remember them doing that last year when Hearts came up; then again; Hearts had been in the big league before.

Since Rangers were liquidated in 2012 Scottish Football has thrived. Most of the teams in the top division have increased their attendances. St Johnstone, Inverness, and Ross County won their first major trophies. Aberdeen won their first major trophy for nineteen years; and are still in contention to win the league this season.

All the doom and gloom was spread by Regan and his gang at the SFA; they are still doing the same to this day. I honestly thought he would have been a breath of fresh air for Scottish Football; but he has failed miserably; and should have stood down from his position.

He has officiated over the European Licence debacle; and over the scandal of the Tax Avoidance Scheme; it would appear that there was a lot of negotiations being done behind closed doors; and on his watch.
I know Peter Lawwell has asked questions of both the SFA and UEFA; I have seen the correspondences. Someone is not telling the truth; who that is; is yet to be established; and when it is; then that person or persons will be finished in football for ever.

I think one thing is certain now that Sevco have reached the top division in Scotland; things will get worse. There has already been threats of boycotts of the other teams in the SPL. There are threats and intimidation of anyone who speaks out against them. I for one will be happy if I don’t see them within Celtic Park again. I would gladly support Celtic saying we won’t be letting you in; and we won’t be handling tickets for your place.
We have six games left to clinch the SPL Title; now is the time to stand together and get behind the team to make sure we achieve five in a row. Add another two games and the double will be won.

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