Champions League has the Hacks in a Tissy.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Champions League has the Hacks in a Tissy.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:14 pm

So the possibility of the change of format for the European Champions League has given some of the Hacks another opportunity to have a go at Celtic; i know why; but what would they have to write about if that were to happen; although i suspect quite a few of them would gladly sacrifice their lot to see us go down.

Do these idiots forget; that if Celtic reaches the Group Stages of the Champions League; then every team in the Scottish Premier League benefits financially? Of course the teams in the Championship don’t; even the ones who are just new to the game.

The latest Muppet to join the anti-Celtic Mob is Michael Gannon; right your probably thinking Michael who? Yes I’m the same; never heard of this guy until a couple of years ago; but he seems happy to be part of the Leckie/Waddell Club; which has only one rule; always be negative about Celtic FC at every opportunity.

Karl Heinz Rummenigge has put the cat amongst the pigeons by suggesting that only the teams from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and England should compete in the major European Football Tournament.

I suppose in theory that’s not a bad idea; you get the best teams from the leagues with the most money to spend. But it doesn’t always work out that way; look at England this year with Leicester and Spurs sitting first and second in the Premier League; neither team has ever won the Premier League; let along the Champions League.

There are lots of so-called big teams from the countries suggested who have never won the Big Cup; the likes of Arsenal, Athletico Madrid, Fiorentina, Roma; so would those teams be part of the new structure?

Sir Furious at Manchester United was involved with that club for something like 26/27 years; he spent vast fortunes on bringing in what he believed to be the top players in the world. He won the champions league twice; the same amount of times as a proper Manager Brian Clough.

Maybe there is a solution to change. Invite the top teams from the big leagues mentioned, and then add the previous winners of the European Cup/Champions League. That would add the likes of Ajax and Feyenoord, Porto and Benfica, PSV Eindhoven and Red Star Belgrade. I’m sure Gannon, Waddell and Leckie would just love that idea.

On another note altogether. There has been a Committee formed in Glasgow to raise funds to place a permanent memorial to all those who lost their lives or were forced to emigrate during the Great Hunger in Ireland. Below is the link to the Just Giving Page if you would like to make a donation. All donations will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Champions League has the Hacks in a Tissy.

Postby Kiwibhoy » Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:08 pm

Agreed. The fact is that any team is beatable on 'any given Sunday' (to use a quote from American football), and it is the second-string teams with a glint in their eye that makes this possible. So I would say, leave the Champions' League as it is.

W.r.t Brian Clough, [I:24791d28]The Damned United[/I:24791d28] is one of the best football movies ever made. But are you saying that Sir Furious wasn't a 'proper manager'? And if so, how come?

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Re: Champions League has the Hacks in a Tissy.

Postby hen1rik » Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:29 am

Hi Joe, I have sent you a private message can you please respond.


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