I'm surprised Sevco don't want the Final at home.

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I'm surprised Sevco don't want the Final at home.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:31 pm

I’m really surprised that Sevco want to play the final of the Dodgy Cup; (i can never remember the name of it) at Hampden; why don’t they want to play it at home where they play all their other cup ties?

Over the last four seasons since their inception they have played about 75% of their cup ties on home ground; a staggering piece of good fortune you would think; or is it? Maybe it’s a bit more than good luck.

I read that the magic man wants it at Hampden so they can fill the stadium; if they couldn’t even half fill the semi final at home how would they expect to fill another stadium away from home? Maybe they can give away a lot of free tickets to their friends in the armed forces; that would help with the community singing as well.

I suppose Neil Doncaster will receive a call from David Cunningham King to inform him of how it’s going to be played; that’s what appears to be happening at present. But they are not fooling the rest of Scotland’s football supporters.

King was telling his mesmerised followers at their AGM that there was no chance of the SFA/SPFL taking action against them for cheating; seems pretty confident about that. I don’t know the legalities of that situation; but i do know that Blatant Cheating should not go unpunished.

Even if titles cannot be legally stripped; there must be some action which lets the rest of world football know that something dodgy was going on. I think they only way that will happen is if the rest of Scottish Football demand it does.

What about doing what they did in America? Place an “Asterisk” next to the trophy to signify something out of the normal had taken place. Then again; knowing Sevco; that might give them the opportunity to bring out a new jersey with Five Asterisk’s on the breast instead of stars.

Finally, since Mr King is telling everyone about the fantastic financial position Sevco are in. Can we expect an announcement stating that after Big Mike has been paid his dough; all the other creditors who were fleeced out of their money will be paid as well? Don’t hold your breath.

Well done yesterday to our Bhoys up in Inverness. Never an easy place to go; so to get the win after the disappointment of Thursday night was fantastic. It was also good to disappoint all the hacks in the media who were waiting on another headline.

The same people who are castigating Ronny at every opportunity; were giving Sally a free ride when his team was playing in the bottom tier of Scottish Football; and with the second biggest budget too.

These are the guys who regularly suggest that Peter Lawwell should sack Ronny; usually after every European match. I wish he would take action against the hacks that are less than honest; and give them the Silver Bullet.


Re: I'm surprised Sevco don't want the Final at home.

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:39 pm

Good point about Sally: Did he not have three go's at the diddy cup? and not win it with NO bad press, yet RD gets grief over every european game

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