Bullying and Intimidation must not win.

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Bullying and Intimidation must not win.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:03 pm

When are people going to get wise to the tactics of threats and intimidation which have become common place when Sevco play the victim card?

The comments made last week by the Pillar of Virtue and Integrity David Cunningham King came as no surprise to anyone; the surprise is that the guy was allowed to take up a position of power when he clearly was Not Fit & Proper.

This whole sorry debacle will end in tears for some people; and i believe some people at the SFA will be having sleepless nights after Big Mike has stepped up his campaign against both the SFA and Sevco.

There is not a lot can be done at the moment in terms of action; until the time allowed for appeal has been passed.

The Bullying tactics are nothing new with Sevco, Oldco were given a free passage on everything and anything for over a hundred years. The SFA turned a blind eye to a sectarian signing policy which made them equally as bad as the people who operated that policy.

The Scottish Media were the same with the exception of a couple of decent journalist. BBC and STV continued to pander to their vile agenda by not questioning their policy and their motives..

Successive major political parties also turned a blind eye to the policy; but given it was happening in companies all over the country that again comes as no surprise; and again it shames them as well.

But the people who really need to get out are those in authority at the SFA. Since the Administration and then liquidation of Oldco they have been guilty of not governing in the best interests of all of Scottish Football.

They have also let down all the decent small business people who lost millions of pounds through the liquidation of Oldco. They have continued to let Sevco claim they are the same club with the same history; but ironically without the same DEBTS. Even the fine imposed by LNS remains unpaid

The Lord Nimmo Smith enquiry which decided there was no football advantage gained by implementing EBT’s. It would appear that all the facts were not presented before LNS; and in fact some misleading information or untruths were submitted to him. Even the fine imposed by LNS remains unpaid

There is more of this case to run; and I’m sure more shocking revelations to come as well. The one thing that needs to be ensured is this; that all those involved in the case; no matter how insignificant their input was; must be dealt with in an appropriated manner.
It is time once again for the rest of Scottish Football to demand that their voice is heard.

This coming Saturday we will be holding our Annual Memorial Mass for deceased members and friends. The service will be conducted by Fr Liam and Fr Francis in St Michael’s RC Church Parkhead at 12.30pm. Light refreshments will be served in the church hall after Mass. If you can manage along you will be made very welcome.


Re: Bullying and Intimidation must not win.

Postby Guest » Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:48 am

The apologists are having a field day.

Move on for the good of Scottish football, Rangers have been punished enough, no sporting advantage.

Roger Mitchell ' s laughable contribution to the debate, absolutely speared by some of the SFM bloggers.

How did that eejit ever get a gig in the running of Scottish football.........oops looks as if I've answered my own question.

If a judicial enquiry shows the Conflicted One to be anywhere near the F&P decision around King then Ashley is going to crucify the SFA. JJ is actually blogging that Ogilvie had a vote in the process, yes by the way!

Whit the feck!

I thought we had been told on numerous occasions that the Conflicted One had removed himself from all deliberations Rangers.......he had a vote, eh?

One thing's for sure, he didn't pass on to his employer, or LNS, his knowledge of the EBT and DOS schemes and that none of the details were lodged with the players contracts held by the SFA.

The consequences of a judicial enquiry coming down on the side of Ashley could prove to be costly for the ruling body.
If the SFA is found to have transgressed their own rule book Big Mike, and any other investors in Rangers shares, can legitimately argue that giving King F&P status has in itself reduced the value of their investment. Losing the aim listing, it could be argued, has reduced the value to nil.
Giving F&P status to a convicted criminal, with a pyriah status in the City, may turn out to be rather costly for the SFA.

Similar financial claims on the SFA may follow if the answer to Res 12 shows that someone at the SFA was remiss in their duties WRT to the Rangers Euro licence application.

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