Goalkeepers in the News.

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Goalkeepers in the News.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:45 am

There is a saying “You have to be daft to be a goalkeeper” i think in most cases that is true; but some goalkeepers take it to another level. I think the original quotation was meant to be about goalkeepers having to dive at player’s feet; which can obviously be very dangerous. It was not about their intelligence and knowledge of the game.

But two goalkeepers have been in the news recently giving their opinions on who they think will win the league; and what it takes to keep your job as a football manager.

Let’s start with Neil Alexander the Hearts goalkeeper. He is telling anyone who will listen that Hearts can win the league this season; and also add a cup to that trophy. There is nothing wrong with being positive about your own team; and being confident that you can win trophies.

My problem with Alexander is this. He came to Celtic Park with his Hearts team in September this season; after they had a decent start to their campaign; they never recorded one shot on target in 90 minutes; hardly the personification of confidence; probably the complete opposite.

It was one of the most frustrating matches i have attended. Don’t get me wrong; we could have and should have won the game very comfortably with the amount of chances we created; maybe visiting teams playing with a flat back ten is one of the reasons supporters aren’t going to games = No Entertainment.

My second goalkeeper in the news this week is ex-Celtic keeper Packie Bonner. Packie is once again all over the media; he is telling us that Ronny Deila has to win at least the double and progress in Europe or face the sack.

Just what makes Packie an authority on football? Since he was sacked by the FAI he is never off the telly; or out of the papers. I don’t have a problem with keepers giving their opinion on goalkeeping matters; but not on things they know nothing about.

When goalkeepers retire they usually carry on their football career as a goalkeeping coach; very few ever get to manage at a decent level; Tommy Wright at St Johnstone being the exception to the rule.

Football is all about opinions; and everyone is entitled to their own; but when you get paid as an expert i think that changes things a bit; you have to know what you’re talking about; and people have to accept you know better than them.

I think Packie had a better reputation with the National Team than he did with Celtic. In almost twenty years at Celtic he won eight trophies. I realise he played at a time when some clubs were spending money they didn’t actually have; and we were finding it hard to compete; but the stats don’t lie.

Another ex-Celtic keeper in the news this week was Luka Zaluska; and not for a good reason. It took over a year for this case to come to court; which seems strange when wee Bhoys can be up in court in a matter of days for doing nothing more than supporting their team.

I wasn’t there on the night, but it would appear there was a difference in what the three witnesses saw. Maybe because it’s unlikely we’ll see Luka bevvying in Glasgow again played a part in that.

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