Dallas will be on the Naughty Step this morning.

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Dallas will be on the Naughty Step this morning.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:07 pm

I wonder if Andrew Dallas will find himself on the naughty step at Hampden this morning. It’s not normally a good career move for referees in Scotland to be out of tune with those down Govan way.

His crime i believe was that he allowed opposing players from Livingston to tackle players from Sevco during a “Home Cup Tie” last night’ i thought his dad would have taught him better than that.

In Mr Warburton’s first season in Scotland he has done not too bad with the decisions. His team has been awarded more penalties than any other team in Scotland. And has had more opposing players yellow and red carded than any other team. He will be very aware of how important it is for them to work the officials through the media; as he’s doing now.

You would have to ask as well how many times they have been drawn at home in cup ties. I don’t think they do much travelling at all in the cups compared to other teams in Scotland.

I read this morning that the Magic Hat and his right hand man Davie Weir were constantly in the fourth official’s ear during the game last night; again that is an old tactic of Sevco.

I remember once when “Sir Walter” (they wish) was in charge he accused a linesman of not giving them a decision because he had an “Irish Sounding Name” i think he was called Seamus O ’Catholic or Paddy O’ Shamrock; or was it Murphy?

If Warburton had to endure the kind of treatment we get he would already be back in England. What we have achieved over the years despite the officials is truly remarkable; and all while paying our bills as well.

We did it playing Football, Pure, Beautiful, Inventive Football.

John Fallon will be signing copies of his book “Keeping in Paradise” in our London Road Social Club from 12 noon until 1.45 on Sunday before the match against Dundee Utd.

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