Alan Muir .. A serial offender

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Joe O'Rourke
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Alan Muir .. A serial offender

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:16 pm

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]How many times do we have to shout out loud that we are being cheated by some of the so-called top officials in Scottish Football?[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]Saturday at Motherwell was another such case; and it involved a serial cheat going by the name of Alan Muir.[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]You would have thought that after apparently not seeing a hand ball from three yards away in the semi-final of the showpiece football tournament in Scotland he would try harder in the future.[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]Well the case for honest mistakes has been well and truly blown out of the water by this particular official.[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]I was at the game on Saturday and was surprised by the way the officials organised themselves. It looked as though Muir was making all the decisions. And the stand side linesman was only flagging once the decision was made; that may explain why the hand ball penalty was not awarded.[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]I think it now time for Celtic Football Club to demand that Mr Muir doesn’t officiate at any more of our matches. The only alternative to that is for him to be demoted due to his incompetence.[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]We totally dominated the match on Saturday; especially in the first half and should have been well ahead by half time. But due to Mr Muir’s incompetence or cheating we could have dropped points, does any Celtic Supporter think if the two penalty incidents had happened in our box the decisions would have been different? I believe so; it was two stone wall penalties; and at least one if not two red cards to Motherwell players.[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]I have written to Stewart Regan again this morning; and again I’m not expecting a response from him. There are serial offenders against us; Muir is joined by the likes of Thomson, Collum, Mc Lean, and Dallas, who regularly make decisions not based on honest judgement.[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]The only other explanation is that we have the largest number of incompetent football officials in European Football; and while that could be possible; it is highly unlikely.[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]
[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]The claim that it is only “Honest Mistakes” doesn’t hold water. It is happening far too regularly for that to be the case. The SFA Head of Referees John Fleming say that the officials are accountable; well why doesn’t he have them explain any contentious decisions after something like thirty minutes after a match has finished?[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

[COLOR=#333333:355cc988][COLOR=#000000:355cc988]No chance of that; they are bullet proof. If a player has a howler he most likely will find himself out of the team (except for Efe) the next game. More needs to be done to explain these types of decisions. I suspect they don’t want to do that for a simple reason; there is no reasonable explanation to make; so therefore it’s Blatant Cheating.[/COLOR:355cc988][/COLOR:355cc988]

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Re: Alan Muir .. A serial offender

Postby Kiwibhoy » Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:37 pm

At least when rugby referees screw up, the system admits it:


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