English Supporters aren't happy, good job they are not in Scotland.

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English Supporters aren't happy, good job they are not in Scotland.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:13 pm

I have read that supporters in England are unhappy with the cost of watching their football. It was claimed that the average price to watch an EPL match is £53.76, well at least they get to watch some decent players; and teams who actually try to win the match.

Another thing that they have in the EPL that we don’t have in the SPL is good facilities in modern stadiums. At our recent match at Pitoddrie; about half of our support were stuck outside with no cover from torrential rain; so much so that a lot left the match at half-time.

Even our National Stadium is a joke, well for the supporters of Celtic FC anyway. Some of our supporters find themselves having to walk over a mile to get to the stadium from where their bus is parked; then the same in reverse after the match.

I thought when Stewart Regan came in we would feel the wind of change throughout Scottish Football, nothing could be further from the truth; The Brethren are still running the show; and we are still being CHEATED at every opportunity.

Self-preservation seems to be the order of the day for guys like Regan and his colleagues. But there is a wind of change; and it has started at the very top of World Football with Blatter and his cronies being investigated.

When Whyte and Green eventually appear in the dock can we expect to see Sir Moonbeams, King, and Regan in beside them? Sevco could not have progressed without the sanction of the SFA by agreeing to grant them a license to operate.

Over the last three years Sevco have operated in a football environment while owing massive debts to hundreds of both small and large companies. There has been no agreement to even try to pay off their debts; but still they receive the best of coverage in the Scottish Media; no other club would receive that type of coverage; and certainly not Celtic.

Sevco still continue to play with a jersey with the five stars emblazoned on the chest; they continue to claim they are the most successful team in the world; they continue to claim that nothing has changed; well why not pay their debts then?

We all know the true story of what happened; Rangers FC were liquidated and Sevco were born with the blessing of the SFA. The SFA tried everything in their power to place Sevco in the highest league possible; but the rest of Scottish Football (except one club) stood firm.

This situation is not finished just yet; too any people know the truth of what went on; and it will come out eventually. My hope is that when it does come out; that all those guilty of collusion are punished in an appropriate manner.

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