Big Jock would hate the football being played in Scotland.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Big Jock would hate the football being played in Scotland.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Sep 28, 2015 12:58 pm

I think it has been proved in the past that if the product on the pitch is good then supporters will come to watch games of football; and obviously that statement works in reverse; if the product on the pitch isn’t good then supporters wont come to watch.

I always remember Big Jock’s words after winning in Lisbon in 1967. A sports reporter at the press conference asked him how he felt and replied by saying

“There is not a prouder man on Gods Earth than me at this moment. Winning was important, aye, but it was the way that we have won that has filled me with satisfaction. We did it by playing football. Pure, beautiful, inventive football. There was not a negative thought in our heads. Inter played right into our hands; it's so sad to see such gifted players shackled by a system that restricts their freedom to think and to act. Our fans would never accept that sort of sterile approach. Our objective is always to try to win with style”
I wonder how the Big Man would deal with todays football in Scotland. Every team who come to Celtic Park seem to play a flat back ten; and Saturday against the third top team in the league was no different.

I fully understand that we had enough of the ball and made enough chances to win the game but its still so frustrating for supporters, so how do the players feel? There is not one team in Scotland that plays open football against Celtic; either at Celtic Park or at their own stadium.

I must say as well that sometimes the system we play frustrates me; but then all the top teams in England play the same system; although with better players than we have; and it has worked in certain games.

Thursday night will be a big test for us against Fenerbahce; they have spent a lot of money on their team and have some good quality players; we will need to be on our game and have the supporters behind us from the start.

Getting back to league duty; we missed a chance on Saturday to pull Aberdeen back to a two point lead; it wasn’t a disaster but it was disappointing; and again some of the refereeing decisions were baffling. But we had the majority of the possession and should have won comfortably.

I’m not really one for knocking the manager or staff without giving them a chance; but i really wish they would stop making comments in the media about going unbeaten and winning trebles. Wait until we have won something then talk about it; its great to be confident; but keep it in the dressing room; not on the back pages.

I ve been asked by John Paul Taylor to pass on the following information with regards to Thursday nights match.

I’ve been asked to pass on the following info which has been passed to us by Fenerbahce and Police Scotland ahead of next week’s match.

We have been asked to make fans aware that the Kurdish Flag (above) if displayed within the Stadium at either match, home or away will provoke the Fenerbahce fans and will significantly increase the potential for disorder.

Naturally this is something we are keen to avoid not least for the safety of supporters in the immediate vicinity as well as Security Staff and Police, it will also almost certainly result in a UEFA Fine and further penalties against the Club.

We would therefore be most grateful if you can please circulate this information amongst your membership/readership and beyond

The Kurdish Flag should not be brought to/displayed by Celtic Fans at either match against Fenerbahce at the request of both Clubs.

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Re: Big Jock would hate the football being played in Scotland.

Postby Kiwibhoy » Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:35 pm

I've been following the Rugby World Cup games over the last few weeks - if you think English football fans are unhappy, you should talk to English rugby fans! - but, and I've wondered this for years, why is it that rugby NEVER has to worry about the issues of crowd disorder that seem to blight football all over Europe?

Also, I get it that no-one plays open football against Celtic, but why is it that Celtic doesn't play open football either?

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