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More Chaos for the SFA.

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:37 pm
by Joe O'Rourke
Looks like the SFA have now got more work to do with regards to the team once known as Rangers Football Club, the events after the end of the match in Motherwell will not have made good viewing for any sensible people watching.

History seems to repeat itself, every time Sevco lose a match there is a bad reaction, I think it comes from the years of cheating and Brethren officials giving them every decision possible.

Their players and supporters don’t accept that they are where they belong, they still think they should be in the top tier and competing in the Champions League, yesterday’s result meant they came 3rd in a one horse race.

Mr Regan and his cronies will have some work to do now, they will be horrified by the events after the final whistle yesterday; and mostly because genuine supporters will be watching how the SFA handle it.

Stuart McCall said live on television “Hand on Heart I never saw the incident” so how will he explain the pictures on Sky showing him trying to pull Mohsni away from the fight; there is also a clear picture of Kenny Miller with a clenched fist going towards Motherwell players.

This is just what Regan needed after the embarrassing comments he made last week about Sepp Blatter. Regan said about Blatter “he needs to resign for the games image, integrity and future prosperity”

Have you forgotten Mr Regan that under your guidance the SFA found to be “Fit and Proper” Dave King after he had admitting 41 charges of Money Laundering and Tax Avoidance; he agreed to pay almost £44 million rather than serve over eighty years in a South African Prison. Sporting Integrity indeed.

They will get out of jail with Mohsni, he will be looking for a team next season somewhere in some Two Bob Banana Republic, he will be nowhere near any decent Football Team; so any suspension will be meaningless; it is about time their club was made to answer for their actions.

I think the majority of Scottish Football’s supporters are completely disillusioned with the SFA; they don’t see the organisation as representative of the hope and aspirations of everyday supporters.

We were promised change, we were promised transparency and accountability, we were promised a new dawn for Scottish Football. None of the promises have been kept.