So just exactly what crime would make King unsuitable to run a football club?

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Joe O'Rourke
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So just exactly what crime would make King unsuitable to run a football club?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed May 20, 2015 1:30 pm

So what crime would be deemed serious enough by the SFA to make a person fail the “Fit & Proper” test? If someone was close to receiving a prison sentence of 80 years unless he paid a fine of almost £44 million; I would suggest that was quite serious; obviously in the case of Dave King the SFA don’t agree. Going by their own articles (below); Dodgy Dave pleaded guilty to Tax Avoidance and Money Laundering and therefore should not be considered trustworthy.

h) he has been convicted within the last 10 years of (i) an offence liable to
imprisonment of two years or over, (ii) corruption or (iii) fraud;
(i) he has been suspended or expelled by a National Association from
involvement in the administration of a club;

The SFA have form for ignoring their own rules with regards to criminal activity. The obviously cleared Sandy Easdale as fit and proper and he had served a prison sentence for dishonesty. They have now cleared the way for any major criminal to buy a football club in Scotland; maybe that is their plan for investment.

I believe Mr King was a director of the club formally known as Rangers Football Club. That club went into administration and eventually liquidation; that is an absolute fact; so how is it being ignored? King is now clear to take over as Chairman from Paul Murray, now where have I heard that name before? Oh I remember now … he was a director of the same club as King. Rule below.

(j) he has been a director of a club in membership of any National Association
within the 5-year period preceding such club having undergone an
insolvency event;

To be honest; I’m glad King and Murray are in charge of Sevco; I would much rather have those two than a proper rich business man like Mike Ashley; I think Peter Lawwell will run rings around those two if they ever get Sevco back into the top tier.

But the point of the matter is this … much was made of sporting integrity in 2012 when Rangers were liquidated and therefore lost their place in Scottish Football and had to apply to re-join. So how does sporting integrity work now with King; he could have served more time than the Great Train Robbers but is free to run a Scottish Football Club.

How can you suspend players for singing songs about dead clubs; and for betting on football matches; when you let a self-confessed money launderer and tax dodger become chairman of a professional football club?

But when you think about it; the SFA have been doing that for years when it suited their agenda. After all; Campbell Ogilvie is still at the SFA when he was the mastermind behind the EBT’s at Rangers; and there has been at least two managers of the Scottish National Football Team who were involved in the same EBT scheme.

Nothing surprises me with the SFA; they are a dysfunctional organisation who can’t be trusted to act with honesty and integrity. I think the ordinary every day football supporter in Scotland will be disgusted by their latest self-centred decision.

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