They treat us as a Cash Cow !!!

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Joe O'Rourke
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They treat us as a Cash Cow !!!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:39 pm

It has now been proved conclusively that the SFA and the rest of the teams in Scotland see the Celtic Support as a “Cash Cow” and treat us accordingly by continuing to take us for a ride.

It came as no surprise that the ticket pricing for the Scottish Cup Final would be relative to the two teams who are competing for the trophy; Inverness and Falkirk.

It is strange indeed that the match has now been deemed to be the “Family Final” and prices set to accommodate families. Would a Celtic v Hibernian final not have been a “Family Final”? I very much doubt that.

It is also strange that Kenny Cameron of Inverness and Ronnie Bateman of Falkirk are delighted with the ticket prices; were these not the same people who opposed Celtic’s proposal for fairer prices and concession tickets for all parts of the stadium in the semi-final? Knowing that only the Celtic Support would occupy the North Stand of Hampden; because they would have two men and a dog there to support their teams.

We are being taken for mugs once again; and worse still we are being blatantly cheated on a regular basis; the six blind men at the semi-final proved that; and the debacle that followed was even more ridiculous.

In the first instance they must have claimed they never saw the incident; that’s right; each one of the six never saw the incident; when three of them were in close proximity. So based on that the compliance officer steps in and charges Josh Meekings. Now that charge gets thrown out because it turns out that at least one of them did see the incident; couldn’t get their stories right twice in a row.

Nothing has changed in Scottish Football; it’s us against the rest of them; and if Sevco get back up to the SPL it will only get worse. Everything we do as a club is treated with disdain by the Scottish Media; any reporters who had an affinity with Celtic have all gone; we are left with the likes of Waddle, Hannah, Leckie and Jackson; spot the Celtic supporter there.

The only way we can continue to be successful is if we stick together as a Celtic Support. We are stuck with a television deal which costs our club money because we don’t have enough matches played at 3pm on a Saturday; that is the clubs default position for games; and it is the default position of the Celtic support; but we can’t change it without the backing of other teams.

I am hopeful that the league will be won this weekend; then we can go to Aberdeen as Champions and have a party on their ground; and you can bet there will be plenty of empty seats in the Aberdeen sections.

We have to back our own team because no one else will. How many supporters of Dundee and Inverness will come down to Celtic Park for our last two home matches? I believe less than 2,000 Inverness supporters attended Hampden last weekend; i think you can knock off the last two zero’s for the last game of the season at Celtic Park.

Always have been, always will be, Celtic through and through.

Sligo tim
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Re: They treat us as a Cash Cow !!!

Postby Sligo tim » Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:37 pm

I am sick of all this going ons regards our club, we have moaned and groaned for years, what is the answer???? there`s only 1 boycott all SFA/SPFL away or cup games, then lets see the outcome from the squealing hoardes, hit them in the pockets thats where it hurts, were also according to media scotland to all the problems at IBROKES, as you said our CE is suffering from these idiots, we never cheated stole or never payed bills, would Mr Lawell not be better chasing up the Atlantic League, and stuff the rest,
hail hail,


Re: They treat us as a Cash Cow !!!

Postby Guest » Mon May 04, 2015 6:05 am

I will start by saying I am not a Celtic supporter. However, reading with interest, the comments on this and other recent threads, I feel compelled to post here. The siege mentality, obvious from the posts suggests that everyone has it in for Celtic. While I believe that not to be the case, perhaps if there is a case, the question must be; Why? I'm afraid that the rhetoric from both club and fans is unhelpful. The recent cup semi final doesn't show victimisation of Celtic but more of sour grapes. As the, top club currently in, and representing, Scottish football there appears to be no humility nor sporting prowess at any level in your club. The aforementioned siege mentality is damaging your reputation throughout Europe which I see regularly. I will apologise for coming to your forum to post this but hope you might see how you look to others. There is no conspiracy against your club. Believe it or not, other teams agendas, like yours is to try and win and sometimes they do. Referees make mistakes regularly against EVERY team. When you lose, accept it. When you win, applaud it but when you blame everyone but yourselves, then don't complain should those you blame, bite back when they consider you unsporting. Reading the "six blind men, Sevco, SFA Muppets, Cash Cows" etc is rather unhelpful and tarnishes your reputations. While it may suit some of you to play the victims, perhaps to unfairly influence future decisions, it belies the claims of some that Celtic and their fans are a great advert for Scottish football at home and abroad.

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