The attacks keep coming ..

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Joe O'Rourke
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The attacks keep coming ..

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:12 pm

Another weekend and another attack on Celtic Football Club from most of the Scottish Media and the flunkies they have in their pockets.

Those pillars of impartiality like Gordon Waddell and Roger Hannah having a go at Celtic and Peter Lawwell in particular for having the cheek to ask for an explanation as to why six men officiating at a match either missed a major incident; or worse still; actually saw the incident and chose to turn a blind eye; not exactly a good advert for their Sponsor “Specsavers”

They just don’t get it; nobody is claiming referees don’t make honest mistakes; human error is part of all sports; both for the competitors and the officials; but how do six officials get it wrong?

We then get to the transparency and accountability side of things. The SFA try to throw the book at the player involved; but let the idiots who caused the entire furore to carry on regardless; and to add to their misery that charge was thrown out as well.

So how can the media turn on Peter Lawwell for asking the question the supporters want asked? Are these the same reporters who thought it was alright in 2012 for Sally to demand to know the names of the three people who sat in judgement of Rangers; leading to them receiving threats?

Stuart McCall said Rangers wouldn’t have sent a letter, he obviously forgot about Sally and Chuckle’s rants at that time. So can we count this as double standards? Just like Waddell; always happy to have a go at all things Celtic; but not as keen when it comes to Rangers; or is it Sevco?

Let me say this quite clearly. Celtic has the best Chief Executive in Scottish Football; we have one of the top men in European Football; and we wouldn’t swap him for anyone else. Peter Lawwell commands the respect of all the major players in European Football but is treated with disdain by the hacks in the Scottish Media.

Maybe they should consider this. Who would we prefer running our club with its 127 years of unbroken History? .. Peter Lawwell or Dodgy Dave who paid a fine of £44 million for tax dodging in South Africa .. even Peter Lawwell or Charles Green who had to resign in shame.. Peter Lawwell or Craig Whyte who might still own Sevco .. Peter Lawwell or David Murray who started the who mess in the first place .... I think we would take Peter Lawwell before any of the people who ran their own club into the gutter by cheating and refusing to pay their way.

I read that the decision on whether Dodgy Dave and his alter-ego Paul Murray are fit & proper men to run a football club will be made this week. I think you would get very short odds indeed on them being rubber stamped by the corrupt and toothless SFA. Regan and his cronies have been found out; I think his jacket will be hanging on a shaky nail.

We have been denied the opportunity to win the Treble, but we are still the best team in Scotland by a country mile. We have a wonderful support that turn up in huge numbers every week. By their presence we bankroll the rest of Scottish Football; but still they want us to fail. As the saying goes “Our History Makes Us Strong ... Your Hatred Makes Us Stronger”


Re: The attacks keep coming ..

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:41 pm

stop buying papers let them all go bust buy the viw every week


Re: The attacks keep coming ..

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:25 pm

A lot of our own fans dont appreciate PL.

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