"Time to fight back"

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"Time to fight back"

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:38 am

How many more Muppet’s can the Scottish Media roll out to criticise Celtic for writing to the SFA with regards to the six blind men?

We all know that Bomber Brown, Walter Smith, Barry Ferguson, Stuart McCall and their like have no time whatsoever for Celtic Football Club or anything connected to us; but the four who i have mentioned have benefitted greatly by the actions of their brothers in the refereeing fraternity.

They are also partly responsible for their football club going into liquidation and ceasing to exist; those four took the money; and oh how they laughed; well they’re not laughing now.

I am delighted Celtic asked the question of the dysfunctional SFA; we have been cheated for far too long. But to my knowledge we still haven’t had an answer to the question.

I have said here a few times what i think of referees and their antics. I would give the six involved a “Lie Detector Test” in fact i would gladly pay for it. If the SFA are telling us the six never saw the incident then there are plenty of Liars within the offices at Hampden; but we already knew that anyway.

We have now got to make a decision as a support. Do we just continue to roll up and take the slap on the face? Or do we do something about it? I believe we need to do something about it; and the best weapon at our disposal is our financial clout.

Next season we need to flex our muscles; and we need to make a decision early. The problem we have is with both the SFA and the referees who also work for the SPFL. But at this stage it’s all about the SFA.

I would suggest that the Celtic Support boycott the first away fixture we get in the Scottish Cup next season; going by past form that will be the very first fixture; we don’t seem to get home draws. The decision needs to be taken early; and it needs to have the support of the majority of the supporters; it will never receive 100% backing.

At this stage it’s just something to consider. We would need to get the backing of the main supporter’s organisation; and sometimes that isn’t easy either. We also need the main bloggers and independent supporter’s buses on board.

Once again Scottish Football is a laughing stock through the calamitous actions of the idiots who are supposed to be in charge. And once again it’s Celtic against the rest. We haven’t managed to get this far in our unbroken history by letting others bully us. So between now and the new season we need to unite like never before.

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