"Operation Stop the Treble" has succeeded.

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Joe O'Rourke
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"Operation Stop the Treble" has succeeded.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:11 pm

Well “Operation Stop the Treble” was a success. Congratulation to Seven McLean and his accomplices for managing to finally make sure the Scottish Cup isn’t in the Celtic Boardroom this season.

I have to say congratulations to Inverness Caley and Falkirk for reaching the final; i hope they all have a great day at Hampden; and the best team wins for the right reasons.

As for yesterday afternoon that has to be the clearest example of “BLATANT CHEATING” i have ever seen; there were at least three match official close to the incident; i was seventy yards away in the North Stand and saw it clearly.

Steven McLean and Alan Muir had the best vantage points; it is impossible for at least one of them not to have had a clear view; and on one of the video’s i watched last night Muir is clearly talking to McLean; so what is he saying? Is it another “Dougie Dougie” incident?

We have to start fighting back here. We keep getting treated with disdain; yet still roll up in great numbers at Hampden whenever Celtic is playing. I know the reason for that is that we are Celtic supporters; but we can only turn the other cheek so many times.

In the last year there has been a number of incident involving Celtic and the SFA; we seem to be the only team who are under scrutiny; and there are clear examples of that.

Early in the season Derk Boerrigter was cited and suspended for two games for simulation; no problem with that one; but is he the only diver in Scottish Football?

We then had the scandalous situation where Aleksandar Tonev was convicted of making a racist remark with no witnesses of technical evidence to back up the charge; he was done on “The Balance of Probabilities” Comedy Gold if it wasn’t so serious; Aleksandar has been tarred with a reputation he doesn’t deserve.

Then there is Leigh Griffiths, he got cited by the compliance officer for singing a disrespectful song about the team he supporters biggest rivals; all based on a video took on a phone in a pub. He has now been charged by Police Scotland; i would suggest he gets Paul McGowan’s Lawyer to represent him in court.

And of course let’s not forget John Guidetti’s great crime of singing a song about a team who were liquidated and therefore died; and to crown it all; it was on Dutch Television.

There would appear to be an anti-Celtic agenda at the SFA; there certainly seems to be one with the Referees; McLean Collum, Madden, and Thomson et al are the proof of that.

So what do we do now as Celtic supporters? Well firstly we must make sure that our team win the league at the earliest opportunity; we need to be there to back the team; after that there is no great need to pay through the nose to get into away grounds.

We have to have a more united front to confront the issues that are not in our best interests; like ticket pricing and kick-off times.

I was in the North Stand yesterday paying £23 for the dubious privilege; the reason for that was, the other three teams in the semi-final wanted that price when they clearly knew they would not have one supporter in that stand.

There will be no cash cow in the final for the SFA, with all due respect; the whole Inverness support yesterday could have travelled down in a couple of double decker buses. The final will be lucky to attract 25,000; and might yet be priced cheaper than the semi.

Getting back to the referees and match officials; until there is transparency and accountability; they will continue to cheat us; it has to be cheating; because they can’t be that bad a referee naturally.

We all know McLean’s history; and that of his ex- Rangers player brother. He said in his early days at Ibrox that he didn’t want to be considered for an International call-up from Scotland; he wanted to represent Norn Ireland. Someone should have informed him; that you actually have to be a decent player to get capped; being a bigot doesn’t quite do it in most countries.

It was a bitter pill to take yesterday; and i have to say we didn’t perform at the highest level. But the fact of the matter is, we should have had the opportunity to go 2-0 up, and Caley should have been down to ten men.

I now look forward to Wednesday night in Dundee; Ronny can freshen things up a bit by bringing Armstrong and GMS back. We need to get this league won as soon as possible; then celebrate another title won without cheating.

Sligo tim
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Re: "Operation Stop the Treble" has succeeded.

Postby Sligo tim » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:49 pm

Well said Joe, but the buck stops inside CP with Mr Lawell surely as you have said,he is a Celtic man, well when is he going to show it, I may be wrong but there has been a awful lot of HONEST MISTAKES recently, we as fans can only do is support the team but may have to draw the line, enough is enough, is alrite talking about boycotting but the players suffer no fans, still it is a option to consider, hurt them in there Pockets, also will we still have the same honest mistakes when the huns get placed back into Premiership, yes they all want them back me personally I hope the rest in Hell not peace yes am a bigot because I was forced by this country, I am 1 for showing our strong support and to stop lying down to these people hail hail


Re: "Operation Stop the Treble" has succeeded.

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 20, 2015 2:21 pm

Thank you for saying exactly what I wanted to say.I am sick and tired of being a second class citizen because of my name and back ground.I have supported Celtic all my life and have seen this bias repeated over and over by Rangers referees who have only one objective to promote the Ibrox Club
We need to focus on the League and make sure we win it.It is also vital to our future for our Club to get out of this League and get into a League where we are accepted for what we are and who we are.This Scottish Football society do not want even hate us.


Re: "Operation Stop the Treble" has succeeded.

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:48 pm

Spot on Joe, more so than ever, the game in this country relies on Celtic, the income that our away fans bring to other clubs, the knock on effect of paying good money for players from other Scottish teams, the added income that comes in to the league when we qualify for Champions League group stages and even the paltry TV deal we have was only secured on the back of our presence in the league.

Yet for all we put in, we see just how we are treated on and off the park. Perhaps its time Celtic and its office bearers started to look after the genuine interests of its own support and over all well being and were visible in challenging the ridiculous officiating we seen yesterday.

Also, explore all avenues available to extract us from a TV deal that is actually costing the club money (granted that is probably easier said than done.)

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