Another shambles from the SPFL.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Another shambles from the SPFL.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:08 pm

Once again the supporters of Celtic Football Club have been treated with disdain by the authorities who are supposed to be running Scottish Football for the benefit of all concerned.

This is not the first time it has happened either, so you would think somebody would have learned a lesson; but apparently not.

Five fixtures and not one on a Saturday at 3pm; and all for the benefit of who, the armchair supporters who pay for the television deals; it’s certainly not for the benefit of the supporters who attend matches every week.

It makes a mockery of the famous quote from Big Jock “Football without fans is nothing” the way these clowns are heading is downhill fast; and Scottish Football will fall flat on its face because supporters won’t be going to matches.

How do these idiots entice supporters to buy season tickets which are the lifeblood of every professional football team; no matter how many they sell? It lets teams get through the early part of the season by giving them the funds to do business.

Celtic sell the most season tickets of all the teams in Scotland; but it’s still about 15,000 down on its peak season; and why? Because why would people buy a season ticket when they don’t actually know when the matches will be played?

How many people are regularly missing matches because it clashes with work commitments? You only have to look at the numbers attending Celtic Park; there are about 10,000 missing at almost every home match; i think the only match we sold out all season was against Inter Milan.

Maybe that’s the reason for the match officiating by clowns like Thomson and Collum; they are terrified that Celtic will win the league early; and our supporters will stop going to away matches and subsidising all the other teams in the league.

Why don’t they do something to try to attract paying supporters who have supported their team all season? Why don’t all teams charge a maximum of £10 for the visiting fans after the split? Instead we will be charged £25 for each of the three matches after the split; add to that the cost of travel all over the Highlands; no wonder supporters are throwing in the towel; i just with the idiots who are supposed to be running Scottish Football would throw the towel in.


Re: Another shambles from the SPFL.

Postby Guest » Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:13 pm

Joe absolutely agree with every word and well done to the CSA, but what are the Celtic board saying or doing? Nothing as usual, not remotely interested in the welfare of Celtic supporters.

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Re: Another shambles from the SPFL.

Postby franton » Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:54 pm

Yes, I agree. There is a surreal element in Scottish football at the moment. For a start, you've got all those dodgy, at best journalists, at the pre-match Celtic Press Conferences, asking at best dodgy questions. It must be great to have carte blanche to ask any questions you like under the cloak of the Journalistic Integrity (For "Integrity" read "Anonynimity". They act like a pack at times, in a frenzy, interrogating the Celtic Manager / Assistant Manager and players, asking questions they must know they would rather not answer and topics they would rather not talk about in public. Like what it would mean to win a treble? Or "Will the second game against Inverness be any different from the first one?" If I was Celtic I would get them to give their names before they ask their questions, limit them to a certain number of questions, have them ask them one after the other, give them their answers and that would be that.

Then there's the match officials. What is their agenda? A fair game of football? Then why did Craig Thomson not send off the previously yellow-carded Inverness player for a deliberate trip from behind on the attacking Celtic player in the last few minutes of the first Inverness game? It happened right in front of him and he was looking directly at the incident. It couldn't have had anything to do with the player missing the next game could it? Against Celtic, that is!

And also, when is a league not a league? When you introduce the "Split". It turns the league from a league into...a Circus basically! It makes the League not a league and instead, a tournament within the League, to decide who wins the Title. It's a joke! It gives no consideration whatsoever to the players or the Clubs who are directly affected and effectively forces them to play against one another! For some of the clubs, nothing is at stake, they'll finish top six anyway, so the results are to them meaningless. They are not therefore playing under the same sporting circumstances as those who are going for the Title or for a place in Europe; and so it is a farce. Fair competition and all things being equal for each team is a joke. Those who are responsible for this should hang their heads in shame - and resign!

Celtic were recently quoted as having played as many as double the number of games this season as their recent four times in a row opponents, Dundee United. Has meeting the same opponents four times in a row in the space of two weeks ever had a precedent in Scottish Senior Football? Come to think of it, I cannot remember that it has or indeed anywhere else either. How can a Club which exists under the same financial constraints as all the others i.e. Celtic, hope to meet the demands of such a cock-eyed set up? Celtic players and management too, must feel as if they have done plenty of overtime already. Now they are expected to enter a new phase of competition under the guise of the League Split, to decide the outcome of the League. With what purpose? Does anybody know? Does anybody care? Or perhaps it is so we can have a "Helicopter Saturday" every year where the Title can be decided with the last kick of the ball and the the Officials of the S.F.A. can brighten up their otherwise dull C.V.'s?

And Celtic then, at the end of the season, will have a matter of three or so weeks off, before they begin all over again. You have to wonder, "Are the executive people in the Scottish Game in touch with the reality of what they have created and that which is of their own making? Or have they already thrown in the towel and are just afraid to admit it?

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