Food Bank Collection to mark the 100th Anniversary of the passing of Brother Walfrid

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Food Bank Collection to mark the 100th Anniversary of the passing of Brother Walfrid

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:00 pm

On April 17, 1915 Brother Walfrid passed away.
The Marist Brothers reported his passing with these words,
[I:1ea1686e]"Frère Walfrid est mort. Je perds en lui un vrai père ![/I:1ea1686e]
[I:1ea1686e] Que de services il m'a rendus et avec quelle affectueuse charité !’’ (Avril 25, 1915).

[B:1ea1686e][I:1ea1686e]“Brother Walfrid is dead. [/I:1ea1686e][/B:1ea1686e][B:1ea1686e][I:1ea1686e]In losing him, I lost a true father. [/I:1ea1686e][/B:1ea1686e][B:1ea1686e][I:1ea1686e]How many things he did for me… and with what loving kindness!”[/I:1ea1686e][/B:1ea1686e]

[B:1ea1686e]A Father figure then and an inspirational father figure now, 100 years after his death.
Walfrid’s role in the founding of the Celtic was key. Not only did he achieve his aim of funding the Poor Children’s Dinner tables to feed the hungry of the East End, he also brought together visionaries who ensured that Celtic would have a lasting impact on football and society in Glasgow and far beyond.
Poverty and hunger are still in evidence in both the East End of Glasgow and beyond. To mark the 100th anniversary of Walfrid’s passing Celtic, its charitable arm, Celtic FC Foundation, and Celtic supporters groups will pay their own tribute to Brother Walfrid on April 15.
To support the principles upon which Walfrid founded the club, Celtic supporters will be having a food collection to support the work of Foodbanks in and around the West of Scotland.
On [B:1ea1686e]Wednesday April 15[/B:1ea1686e] when Celtic play at home to Kilmarnock in the Scottish Premiership, Celtic supporters are invited to bring items requested by the Foodbanks.
As well as being supported by Celtic FC, the collection is backed by the following Celtic fans groups and forums:
[B:1ea1686e]Affiliation Of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]AICSC[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]Celtic Graves Society[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]Celtic Minded[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]CQN[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]Celtic Supporters Association[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]Celtic Trust[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]Celtic Underground[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]Etims[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]Hail Hail Media[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]Green Brigade[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]Huddleboard[/B:1ea1686e], [B:1ea1686e]The Kano Foundation[/B:1ea1686e] and [B:1ea1686e]Kerrydale Street[/B:1ea1686e].

Under the banner of [B:1ea1686e]Walfrid’s Legacy,[/B:1ea1686e] the supporters groups and forums have released the following statement:

[B:1ea1686e]“100 years after the passing of Brother Walfrid there is still hunger and need in our communities. Walfrid’s vision was the formation of a successful football club based on the core principle of the alleviation of poverty in our society. Walfrid’s legacy is a thriving Celtic Football Club with a support fundamentally committed to his ideals of supporting those in need locally, nationally and far beyond national borders. To honour Walfrid and his ideals we would urge all Celtic supporters able to attend the match against Kilmarnock on April 15 to bring a donation for the foodbanks we are supporting.”[/B:1ea1686e]

In addition to the food collection on April 15, on April 17 Celtic FC and Celtic FC Foundation will mark the 100th anniversary of Walfrid’s passing by hosting a lunch for 500 individuals from the city’s homeless community in the Number 7 restaurant in Celtic Park.

[B:1ea1686e]Tony Hamilton, CEO of Celtic FC Foundation[/B:1ea1686e], added: “The phrase ‘more than a football club’ rings true with this joint approach from the Club, its supporters and its charitable arm. The story of Celtic, as seen by our Founding Father, is alive and well today more than 125 years after our formation and I hope that both of these events will be supported.”

We would urge fans to brings donations of the following items.
[*] Sugar (500g)
[*] Fruit juice (carton)
[*] Soup , Pasta sauces, Tomatoes (tinned)
[*] Cereals
[*] Tea Bags/instant coffee
[*] Rice/pasta
[*] Tinned meat/fish, Tinned fruit
[*] Jam, Biscuits or snack bars
[/LIST:1ea1686e]Donations will be collected on The Celtic Way by volunteers from the Celtic support.
The aim of the collection is specifically for food items as detailed above.
[B:1ea1686e]The collection will benefit a number of Foodbanks including, Loaves and Fishes, Coatbridge Foodbank and Hamilton Food Drop among others.
Any cash donations will be passed to Celtic FC Foundation lunch for our homeless citizens on April 17 and the charities they are supporting.

Details here [URL:1ea1686e][/URL:1ea1686e]
[B:1ea1686e]November 1887

[B:1ea1686e]“Many cases of sheer poverty are left unaided through lack of means. It is therefore with this principle object that we have set afloat the "Celtic"

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