Let officials explain themselves live on TV after a match.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Let officials explain themselves live on TV after a match.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:11 pm

The football authorities in Scotland are always moaning about the paltry sums of money Scottish Football receives from the TV companies; and from sponsors; but they never do anything about it except hang on to the coat tails of Celtic and hope we reach the Promised Land that is the Champions League.

Why not do something innovative? Like allowing match officials to be interviewed live on television a reasonable time after a match; say about thirty minutes or so. Then they could explain just exactly why they made so many mistakes during the game.

It’s all about the product on show; and quite frankly most of it on show in Scottish Football is rank rotten. If you buy a pint of beer in a pub and you don’t like it; you won’t buy another one; so if the TV companies don’t think what we have to offer deserves better money then you need to change.

Why all the fear in being transparent? If it really is “Honest Mistakes”. The standard of refereeing in Scotland is really diabolical; and what happens when they are shown up for the useless officials that they are? They get rewarded by getting more money and a free trip to make an absolute clown of themselves in European matches.

I think i have said on here before; the fingerprints of Hugh Dallas is still all over refereeing in Scotland; and if the SFA/SPFL deny that; then I’m afraid i would suggest they are being economical with the truth.

The latest shambles must make the people responsible for running our game the laughing stock of Europe. For them to not charge Calum Butcher for his part in Sundays fiasco is an absolute joke; although i thought it was handbags and both him and Virgil should have got a talking to at best; and a yellow card at worst.

Surely the people who watch matches on television would be delighted to continue watching for another thirty minutes to hear a referee or linesman explain why they sent off the wrong guy; something different from the rest of Europe.

The only reason why any official would not want to explain himself would be when he couldn’t produce a reasonable explanation; and therefore may be either totally useless; or even worse cheating.

Let’s see how this pans out in Virgil’s case; it might be a bit dramatic; but we need to make the strongest possible complaint with regard to the performance of Sunday’s officials; we can’t continue to let guys like Thomson try to influence matches by his either lack of ability; or more to the point “Blatant Cheating”.



Postby Guest » Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:29 pm

Joe, I really enjoy your perception of the SFA Establishment, I could not agree more, but it seems nothing changes. I'm old enough to remember a certain
referee named "Tiny Wharton" who denied us a certain penalty against who - yes you've guessed! Wee Jimmy was sent off in another altercation with the tem who rhyme with BUNS". I've no confidence in this SFA to judge us. History confirms this.

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