I suggest a Lie Detector Test for Craig Thomson.

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I suggest a Lie Detector Test for Craig Thomson.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:08 pm

I’ve said to friends many times before that i think football match officials should be made to take a “Lie Detector Test” after a match i don’t believe some of them can perform that bad naturally; so they have to be cheating; and i would say that applies more in the top European matches. I’m half-kidding here and whole serious.

What went on yesterday at Tannadice has me baffled. I was at the match watching from behind the goal so didn’t get a great view of the first half incidents. But i have since watched the highlights on both BBC Sportscene and SKY Sports; and i must say the comments of Pat Nevin and Andy Walker also baffled me.

Once again Scotland’s so-called top referee Craig Thomson was at the centre of the controversy; ably abetted by his two linesmen; especially Graham Chambers who played a major part in the first two red cards.

The fact is Thomson never even blew for a foul when the stramash (thanks Arthur Montford) took place early in the first half; so to then Issue two red cards is very strange indeed; even allowing for the intervention of linesman.

Every time Thomson officiates at our matches there seems to be controversy, he did the League Cup Semi-Final against Sevco and allowed Elbows Mc Culloch to commit what can only be described as a couple of assaults on Leigh Griffiths and John Guidetti; yet a blatant dive yesterday by Aidan Connolly was rewarded with a penalty kick.

Tannadice is one of my favourite grounds to visit, we never have any problems mixing with their supporters irrespective of the score, but since Jackie McNamara took over it’s changed; maybe it’s because we gave them a doing at Celtic Park earlier in the season and he doesn’t want to lose another six; or maybe he just has a chip on his shoulder about how his career ended at Celtic.

I don’t think we have finished with yesterday yet; i think there will be more to come, i certainly don’t have any sympathy with Paton; especially since he was doing his best to get Big Virgil sent off; but he wasn’t directly involved in the main flash point.

But Pat Nevin was suggesting; as was Mc Namara that Scott Brown deserved a red card; and maybe Ciftci as well; although Mc Namara didn’t agree with that; he felt it was only the Celtic Players who should be shown the red cards. He also thought it was a penalty when Connolly went down in a brief gust of wind; and Andy Walker didn’t think the hand ball was a penalty; i really despair at these commentators.

So who knows what kind of team we will be able to field next Sunday; if it is down to Nevin it would have to be our under 20’s; and with Bobby Madden as the referee I’m not sure we will finish that match with eleven players on the pitch.

Mc Namara had he team wound up yesterday; it will be the same on Sunday; we have to be smart and not give Madden any opportunity to issue cards or award penalties.

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