I think the Police action is over the top.

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I think the Police action is over the top.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:15 pm

I don’t agree with the Police policy in visiting Celtic and Rangers with regard to the match on Sunday, I think the police should let football players play football, and they should police events fairly and impartially; that’s what they both get paid to do.

The big surprise for me is with regard to all banners having to have a “Fire Retardant Safety Certificate” since all stadiums are non smoking arenas how would a banner catch fire? Unless by pyrotechnic; but that’s another argument altogether.

We were invited to a meeting last Friday at Celtic Park with officers from FoCUS to discuss the upcoming match, we declined the invitation on the grounds that we don’t think we are dealt fairly and impartially with by Police Scotland; and by FoCUS in particular.

We suspected the meeting would be to lecture us on our behaviour during the match on Sunday, and some of the information coming out in the media seems to support that belief.

Getting back to the banners, i would suggest the content of the banners will be the problem rather that the material it’s written on. I am sure the authorities don’t want the Celtic support reminding the Rangers support just exactly how much history they have to sing about; and i believe that is wrong.

I have also read about new police officers being given lessons on which songs are offensive; if someone has to tell you its offensive; i would suggest that it’s not really offensive. People have the right to offend; and to be offended; so long as it’s not threatening violence or going over the top it should be allowed.

The Celtic support has a vast repertoire of songs celebrating our long unbroken history. I hope to hear many of them on Sunday; and to see many colourful and inspiring banners. I also hope that supporters in both ends of the stadium return home safely to their families after the match.

I also hope that Police Scotland polices the match in a fair and impartial manner, and that there are no serious incidents for them to get involved in. If John Guidetti celebrating completing his hat-trick is the most serious incident; i will be a happy Celtic supporter.

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