Have MP's at Westminster nothing better to do with their time?

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Have MP's at Westminster nothing better to do with their time?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Jan 28, 2015 1:16 pm

It seems that the debacle that is Rangers or whatever they are called these days has been raised at Westminster by Labour MP Brian Donohoe. Donohoe has used “Parliamentary Privilege” to say some nasty things about Mike Ashley.

In the year when the Labour Party faces losing a lot of seats to the SNP you would think Labour MP’s had more important issues to worry about; but then again maybe it is a vote catcher in his constituency.

Mr Donohoe spoke about the treatment of the USC workforce; a company owned by Sports Direct as being despicable and appalling; he is absolutely correct in that assertion, but is it as bad as the way the creditors of the Oldco were treated.

Donohoe described the collapse of USC as a “murky affair” now if there was a Champions League of murky affair’s i know who would be holding the trophy aloft; and there would be a lot of hands on the trophy from the same club.

I have no problem with Mr Donohoe, or Cathie Jamieson (MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun), or Jo Swinson (Business Minister) using their time to help the employees of USC who lost their jobs; but don’t use it as a smoke screen for football related business matters.

Let’s get this straight; when it comes to “murky affairs” there is a lot to talk about, like Tax Avoidance schemes, like withholding National Insurance and PAYE payments to the government.

There is also the treatment of over 270 creditors owed over £140 million, was their treatment despicable and appalling? And what about the employees made redundant by Rangers recently? Has Mr Donohoe been fighting their corner?

I don’t know anything about Mike Ashley except what i read in the media; i have to say i wouldn’t want him in control at Celtic; but then we don’t need him. But it doesn’t have to be Ashley that rescues Rangers; they could always have that honest to a fault Knight in shining armour Dave King !!!!!

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