We need to support Aleksandar Tonev.

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Joe O'Rourke
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We need to support Aleksandar Tonev.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:35 pm

After reading the report of the appeal on behalf of Aleksandar Tonev i have to say that decision cannot be seen as justice of any kind, the reason for turning down the appeal flabbergasted me.

I believe this whole sorry incident has been handled very badly by the SFA right from the very start; the amount of media coverage has been astounding considering the complete lack of evidence against Tonev.

I do not and would not support racism at any time. Our club is rightly very proud of our all inclusive ethos, and God knows we have suffered more than most from our Irish connection, just ask Anthony Stokes, or in the past Aiden McGeady.

And i have to also say the lad Logan doesn’t exactly show up in a particularly good light if his photo and comments on Twitter and recent red card against Celtic is anything to go by. As for McInnes, i think we all know the reason for his actions.


Celtic has said that they have a very good relationship with Aberdeen FC; i think that relationship must stop at the door of the boardroom; there has certainly been plenty of aggression from their players and fans when playing against us.

Where do we go from here? I believe for the sake of the reputation of the player and the club we need to support Aleksandar, this is a case that stands on its own; there are no comparisons or precedents to go by in Scotland; although i believe it is similar to the Louis Suarez and Patrice Evra incident in England.

The media coverage since yesterday has been over the top as well. There is a supposed incident of spitting against another Aberdeen player that seems to be quite low on the radar. The media have a duty within football to be honest; it’s not about sensational headlines to sell newspapers, it’s about honest and appropriate reporting of incidents.

I will certainly be contacting Stewart Reagan for his comments. The actions of the SFA could open the floodgates to all sorts of non corroborated accusations from players. What will we get next? Players wearing microphones to record any incidents. How stupid can this get?
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Re: We need to support Aleksandar Tonev.

Postby Guest » Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:22 pm

Yes he must be supported, the return game I attended the same player Logan was told on 2 occasions to keep his mouth shut, you can see it on video of game, then at end of game in small tunnel he has a go at officials. who then gives him a red card for FOUL AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, there seems to have been no further action why, did his manager Mr Dereck McInnes not say he never uses bad language????? Now they have accused Dundee UTD player of spitting, what if this player was clearing his throat you see a lot of spitting, MR LAWELL better earn his keep

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Re: We support Aleksandar Tonev.

Postby franton » Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:40 pm

What a hideous self - posted picture of Logan gratifying himself at supposedly being racially abused.
The word "Decorum" springs to mind, perhaps because it is utterly negated by whatever connotations
Logan is trying to convey in the picture of himself. Maybe he is showing to the Aberdeen fans what a big tongue he has,
for spouting the "Foul And Abusive" language towards the match officials, which he was guilty of after Celtic beat his team
at their own patch recently! That would go down very well there of course; because Aberdeen fans have their own
particularly nauseating brand of abusive and obscene chants which they regimentally directed at the previous
Celtic manager on both of their visits to Parkhead last season. One wonders why that was noticably discontinued
for their first visit of this season? One also wonders why no action was taken against them last season by the football nor civic authorities?
Perhaps Logan had been thinking to himself that if it is okay to use foul and abusive language on the terraces, then it must be okay
to use it as a professional footballer and direct it at match officials as well!
The voice of mainstream media on the racist abuse allegation was alarming. Alasander Tonev should accept he is guilty and
go away (back to Aston Villa), "Do Us All A Favour", us and "Our Masters" at the S.F.A. was how Gordon Parks of the Daily Record
saw it after an Appeal had been lodged.
I'll bet the S.F.A. wished they could have done exactly that, considering they had no corroberated evidence of what was actually said.
Alasander, being a Bulgarian, who has played in eleven different countries in his football career, must have heard a few
foreign languages being spoken during the course of his employment. Perhaps he has a mastery of language which Logan can
only dream about. Perhaps he said something which to Logan sounded like something else, to Logan something more sinister.
That is not entirely unlikely. Also, Alasander has no previous record of abuse or racism, despite all of the different cultures he must have encountered
in his playing career. So, one wonders why the charge was upheld in the first instance?
But surely this is not enough to deny a man of his livelyhood and brand him as a racist. But that is what the
S.F.A. and the Scottish media have unequivocally done. No one can deny that racial aggravation is a serious matter. So why then
is it trated so trivially here in Scotland?

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