McInnes is stirring it up ahead of tomorrow's game.

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McInnes is stirring it up ahead of tomorrow's game.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:38 pm

Derek McInnes is playing a very dangerous game; he appears to be stirring the pot before tomorrow’s match at Pittodrie. Quite frankly I’m surprised he’s not been told to button it by either his own club Aberdeen, the SFA, the SPFL, or Celtic FC.

His latest attack on Ronny Diela and Scott Brown over the Tonev/Logan situation is bizarre to say the least. According to McInnes Ronny and Scott never heard what was said, he’s 100% right there, because nobody heard what was said, and that includes McInnes.

We normally have a good relationship with Aberdeen FC and their supporters; it’s like a mutual respect. But tomorrow might be a different proposition altogether, and I believe McInnes has increased the tension through his comments. Is he trying to get a reaction from his players and supporters? a dangerous road to take; which could have serious consequences.

McInnes actually questions why Celtic appealed the seven match ban handed down to Aleksandar, I think the point that there were no witnesses might just be the clue he is looking for.

He also claimed that Celtic said that Tonev never said what he was accused of, that’s not strictly correct. What Celtic actually said was, that they believed Aleksandar’s version of the events McInnes is entitled to believe Logan’s version, but we are just as entitled to believe Aleksandar’s version.

Finally, tomorrow prior to kick-off as its Remembrance Sunday there will be a minute’s silence. I know some of our supporters don’t agree with the holding of a minutes silence; for whatever reason; and that is their prerogative. I would just ask that as was done in previous years. If you don’t want to take part; then either just sit silently in your seat, or stay outside the stadium until it has ended.

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