Celtic's former players form an Association ..

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Celtic's former players form an Association ..

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:42 pm


[/INDENT:7fb9ed33][INDENT:7fb9ed33][B:7fb9ed33][U:7fb9ed33]Celtic Former Players Association[/U:7fb9ed33][/B:7fb9ed33]

Celtic Supporters.

I am Joe Miller who very proudly played for Celtic Football Club from 1987-1993 and I write to you as founder of the Celtic Former Players Association.
As you may have seen in the media a few weeks ago, we officially launched the Celtic FPA at Celtic park. The formation of our Association is seen by many as long overdue and will act as a vehicle to assist us with our objectives and growing membership of past Celtic greats.

Our main aim is to reunite as many former Celtic players from all eras and more importantly provide a comprehensive range of health and welfare support to all our members. Whether it is injury, illness, hardship or the loss of life to a former player, family and friends should be comforted knowing that they have support from the Celtic Former Players Association.
Ultimately, the Celtic FPA will be seeking trust or charity status to ensure we can raise sufficient funds and be in a position to look after one of our own in their time of need.

Although we are an independent group, our association will be supported by Celtic Football Club in its various activities. We in return will continue to support the club and fulfill our ambassadorial duties upon request.
For our new association to be successful we must also re-engage with the most important people, “[B:7fb9ed33]the Celtic supporters[/B:7fb9ed33]”. We as former players are very mindful of the greatest fans in the world and over the years, we have appreciated your friendship and generosity when we are in your presence.
We want to build and develop our links with the Supporters Associations and Affiliation clubs around the globe and upon request through Celtic FPA provide organisations with greater access to our members that will assist with supporter’s clubs activities.

Currently, we are receiving many requests for players to attend dinners, functions and commercial promotions and we have already started our own events listed below that may interest many Celtic supporters and families. Our new website [URL="http://www.celticfpa.org/"]www.celticfpa.org[/URL:7fb9ed33] has more information and you can also contact us to make enquiries at [EMAIL="info@celticfpa.org"]info@celticfpa.org[/EMAIL:7fb9ed33] .

[*]Book a former player / players.
[*]Former players Q&A road show.
[*]Team Reunion dinners.
[*]Annual Ball.
[*]Enquire about a challenge match v Celtic Auld Bhoys.
[*]The Celtic FPA Cup. (5 a-side Competition)
[*]Coaching camps. (Qualified former players coaching kids)
Thank you for your support and taking the time to read this message.
Best regards from all at the Celtic former Players Association.

Joe Miller.


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